Volume 67, Issue 1, Jun. 2023
International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research
ISSN: 2351-8014
Friday 01 March 2024






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Volume 67, Issue 1, Jun. 2023


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Effectiveness of three (3) instructional methods on students’ academic achievement in basic technology in Lagos State, Nigeria
Author(s): Dawodu Rasheed Adegbenro, Shefiu Ogunbote, and Adenuga Babatunde Adeyemi
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Air navigation safety through the use of surface wave radar
Author(s): Sangi Matanda Alexis, Meni Babakidi Narcisse, Pasi Bengi Masata André, Lay Ekuakille Aimé, KIDIAMBOKO GUWA Simon, and Nkangu Lundala Antoine
RD Congo
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Study of the implementation of an electronic voting system using new information and communication technologies for the next elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo
[ Etude de la mise en place d’un système de vote électronique à l’aide des nouvelles technologies de l’information et de communication pour les prochaines élections en République Démocratique du Congo ]

Author(s): Omatete Okitodinga Jacques, Meni Babakidi Narcisse, and Omokoko Lokosu Damas
RD Congo
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Involvement of women in the socio-economic development of the town of Dimbokro (Ivory Coast)
[ Implication des femmes dans le développement socio-économique de la ville de Dimbokro (Côte d’Ivoire) ]

Author(s): Yapi Atsé Calvin, Zah Bi Tozan, and Balima Mireille Fatim Estelle
Côte d’Ivoire
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Malaria transmission and Kdr and Ace-1 gene distribution in the population of Anopheles gambiae of Azuretti, a laogon costal village of Grand-Bassam, in Côte-d’Ivoire
[ Transmission du paludisme et distribution des gènes Kdr et Ace-1 dans la population d’Anopheles gambiae d’Azuretti, village côtier lagunaire de Grand-Bassam, en Côte-d’Ivoire ]

Author(s): Guillaume Koffi Konan, Emmanuel Tia, Anne-Marie Boby-Ouassa, Baba Coulibaly, Bernard Kouassi Koffi, Moussa Koné, Alphonse Kouamé Kadjo, and Philippe Kouassi Kouassi
Côte d’Ivoire
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Information System Evaluation and Performance in the Hotel Industry in Morocco: An Empirical Study
Author(s): OUACHANI Taha, JAHIDI Rachid, and LEBZAR Bouchra
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Confiscation of the employee’s wages under Congolese law
[ De la saisie des rémunérations des salaries en droit congolais ]

Author(s): Tshibangu Musafiri Guelord
RD Congo
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Antinuclear antibody positivity without identified antigenic target: A case report
[ Positivité des anticorps antinucléaires sans cible antigénique identifiée: A propos d’un cas ]

Author(s): Asmaa Farmati, Marwane Mourchid, Asmaa Drissi Bourhanbour, and J. El Bakouri
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African universities facing the employability challenge: What future for the social sciences ?
[ Les universités africaines face au défi d’employabilité: Quel avenir pour les sciences sociales ? ]

Author(s): Aziale Komlan Agbetoézian
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Evaluation of the satisfaction of the clients of the Anatomical Pathology laboratory of the Ibn Rochd University Hospital of Casablanca
Author(s): Mohamed Belcaid, Oussama Aazzane, Abderahman Mellouki, Abdeljalil Rezzaki, and Mehdi Karkouri
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Acquisition of land and its consequences in non-parcelled urban districts: Case of the city of Kalemie
[ Acquisition du foncier et ses conséquences dans les circonscriptions urbaines non loties: Cas de la ville de Kalemie ]

Author(s): Kasongo Kabwe Kasco
RD Congo
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Influence of the slaughtering process and the post-mortem aging time on carcass and meat quality of Sahoue chicken ecotype of Benin
[ Influence du procédée d’abattage et de la durée de maturation sur la qualité de la carcasse et de la viande des poulets d’écotype Sahouè du Bénin ]

Author(s): Tougan P. Ulbad, Zannou M. Serge, Dedjiho Achille, Domingo I. Anaïs, Osseyi G. Elolo, and Théwis André
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Involvement of earthworm populations in indicating the physico-chemical state of soil under three types of perennial crops in the department of Daloa (Centre-West of Ivory Coast)
Author(s): Toure Bessimory, Zro Bi Gohi Ferdinand, Guei Arnauth Martinez, and Kouassi N’Guessan Boris
Côte d’Ivoire
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Assessment of carbon storage of the woody stands in Cocoa Traditional Agroforestry Systems (Central-West, Côte d’Ivoire)
[ Evaluation du stock de carbone des peuplements ligneux dans les Systèmes Agroforestiers Traditionnels à cacaoyers (Centre-Ouest, Côte d’Ivoire) ]

Author(s): Annick KOULIBALY, Boko Brou Bernard, Zro Bi Gohi Ferdinand, Diomande Valouthy Paul-Alex, and Kouame Khassy Vasseu Georges
Côte d'Ivoire
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The functional constructivist theory and its role in society economic development through art printing
[ النظرية البنائية الوظيفية ودورها في تنمية المجتمع اقتصاديًا من خلال فن الطباعة ]

Author(s): Amal Alghammas
Saudi Arabia
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