Taylor B. Mambo
International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research
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Tuesday 15 June 2021






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Taylor B. Mambo


Name Taylor B. Mambo
Affiliation Centre de Surveillance de la Biodiversité, Université de Kisangani, B.P.2012, Kisangani, RD Congo

Documents: 3

Document title Date Issue
Intraspecific craniological variation study of Praomys jacksoni (De Winton 1897: Mammalia, Rodentia, Muridae) populations of three forest sites of Kisangani city (Tshopo province, DR Congo)
[ Etude de la variation craniologique intra-spécifique des populations de Praomys jacksoni (De Winton, 1897 : Mammalia, Rodentia, Muridae) de trois milieux forestiers de Kisangani (Province de la Tshopo, RD Congo) ]

Author(s): Roger A. Angoyo, Esther Yokana Isangi, Reddy E. Shutsha, Taylor B. Mambo, Justin A. Asimonyio, Consolate Kaswera Kyamakya, Charles Kasakodo Bongo, and Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua
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2017 30 (1) , pp. 14-26
Food and feeding habits of Hippopotamyrus psittacus (Boulenger, 1897: Osteiglossiformes, Mormyridae) of Congo River at Kisangani (DR Congo)
[ Etude qualitative du régime alimentaire de Hippopotamyrus psittacus (Boulenger, 1897 : Osteiglossiformes, Mormyridae) du fleuve Congo à Kisangani (RD Congo) ]

Author(s): Taylor B. Mambo, Jean-Paul U. Thumitho, Ernest Tambwe L., Célestin Danadu M., Justin Asimonyio A., Alidor B. Kankonda, Joseph A.P. Ulyel, Clarisse M. Falanga, and Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua
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2016 21 (2) , pp. 321-329
Food ecology of Ichtyoborus besse congolensis (Giltay, 1930: Teleostei: Distichodontidae) from Biaro River and its tributary Yoko in Yoko Forest Reserve (DR Congo)
[ Ecologie alimentaire de Ichtyoborus besse congolensis (Giltay, 1930 ; Teleostei: Distichodontidae) de rivière Biaro et son affluent Yoko dans la Réserve forestière de Yoko (RD Congo) ]

Author(s): Jean-Paul U. Thumitho, Taylor B. Mambo, Christian C. Urom, Jean C. Ngab'u, Alidor B. Kankonda, Joseph A.P. Ulyel, Maurice G. Ngemale, and Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua
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2016 21 (2) , pp. 330-341