Volume 44, Issue 2, Sep. 2019
International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research
ISSN: 2351-8014
Saturday 28 March 2020






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Volume 44, Issue 2, Sep. 2019


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Time Series Classification and Clustering for Voltage Behaviour Prediction from Vehicles stored inside Automotive Yards
[ Clasificación y Clustering de Series de Tiempo para Predicción del Comportamiento de Voltaje de Vehículos almacenados en Patios Automotrices ]

Author(s): Carolina Flores Peralta, Perfecto M. Quintero F., and Rodolfo Eleazar Pérez Loaiza
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Analysis for Travelling Salesman Problem using Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Author(s): Zar Chi Su Su Hlaing
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Quantifying fossil fuel CO2 component over Dakar from 1960 to 2010 by Radiocarbon Observation in atmospheric CO2 and using Mauna Loa as background
Author(s): Matar Sène, Maurice Ndeye, and Alpha Oumar Diallo
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Effect of the invasive liana Sericostachys scandens Gilg & Lopr. (Amaranthaceae) on the spatial structure and recruitment of woody plant species within Kibira National Park in Burundi
[ Effet de la liane envahissante Sericostachys scandens Gilg & Lopr. (Amaranthaceae) sur la structure spatiale et le recrutement des espèces végétales ligneuses du Parc National de la Kibira au Burundi ]

Author(s): Richard Habonayo, Akomian Fortuné Azihou, Gbèwonmèdéa Hospice Dassou, Mathias Hitimana, Aristide Cossi Adomou, and Bernadette Habonimana
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Ethnobotanical assessment and socio-cultural importance of Uvariopsis tripetala (Baker f.) G. E. Schatz in southern Benin : An aromatic plant threatened with extinction
[ Evaluation ethnobotanique et importance socioculturelle de Uvariopsis tripetala (Baker f.) G. E. Schatz au sud-Bénin : Une plante aromatique menacée d’extinction ]

Author(s): Akhénaton Adonaï Mahouklo Bada Amouzoun, Romaël Badjrêhou Badou, Gbèwonmèdéa Hospice Dassou, and Aristide Cossi Adomou
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Theoretical Confirmation of Seasonal and Solar Radiation Impacts on Outdoor Atmospheric Aerosols (PM2.5, SO2 and CO) in FCT Abuja, Nigeria
Author(s): M. S. Shehu, I. Umaru, O. Adedeji, A.A. Mundi, and R.S. Lawal
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Strengths and weaknesses of autonomous management of classified forests by local populations in Burkina Faso
[ Atouts et faiblesses d’une gestion autonome des forêts classées impliquant les populations locales au Burkina Faso ]

Author(s): Joachim BONKOUNGOU, Jérôme Compaoré, Farid TRAORE, Passingbamba SAMA, Boureima SAWADOGO, and Nanawindin ZABRE
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Analysis of agricultural adaptation practices to climatic hazards in maize production in Northern-Benin
[ Analyse des pratiques agricoles d’adaptation aux aléas climatiques en production de maïs au Nord Est-Benin ]

Author(s): Alidou BAH SABI SERO GBASSI and Afouda Jacob YABI
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Geographical study of mosquito development factors in the potential malaria-risk localities of Chiépo, in Côte d’Ivoire
[ Etude géographique des facteurs de développement des moustiques dans les localités à risque potentiel de paludisme à Chiépo, en Côte d’Ivoire ]

Author(s): Lazare TIA and Pierre Claver OGBAPO
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Nitrogen and Phosphorus Optimization and Agronomic Nutrient Use Efficiency for Improved Wheat Performance
Author(s): Josephine Nakanwagi, John S Tenywa, Stephen Wobibi, Arthur Wasukira, William W. Wagoire, Janice Nakamya, Dennis Beesigamukama, and Wilberforce Wodada
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Gestion des conflits entre agriculteurs et éleveurs dans la zone agro-écologique du centre Bénin
Author(s): DAGBELOU V. K. Dominique, A. SALIOU Rachidi A., OUMOROU M. YABI, and A. Jacob
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